Welcome on my website,

you will be introduced to my miniature works, either sculpted for various companies from my imagination or based on drawing or pictures (in the sculpting sections, classified by company) or just converted and painted (Painting section). Most of those figures are made of metal (Pewter or lead alloy), some are made of resin or plastic.

The majority of those figures are "28 mm" figures, they are supposed to mesure 28mm to the eye, 30mm overall, but depending of the manufacturer they can be a little bigger, I try to give some indication of size when it's possible (size at the top of the head). Also some monsters are biggers wheras dwarf, goblins or imps are smallers.Some figures are at a larger scale, this will be mentionned. In the future I plan to sculpt more larger figures.

To learn more on how are sculpted miniatures or what I'm working on please have a look at the workshop.

have a nice visite,

Sylvain Quirion,

sculptor, painter and webmaster of this site