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or write a message in the guestbook. For basic questions about painting or sculpting better ask the mailing lists and forums in the links to get as much different reply as possible, except of course if the question is about a specific figure or technic mentionned here.


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Orders and commissions:

I don't sell myself the figures shown on the site, if you want to order them you'll have to follow the links to the manufacturers or find a good shop. I accept commission work for sculpting figures (generaly not painting commissions), but I'm very busy and the deadlines are rather long. A 28 mm sculpt usually cost 400-500 euros for the reproduction rights and this get higher depending of size and complexity. If this doesn't scare you and you have an interessant project please email me at


Even though I may be slow to reply I try to reply to every mail requiering an answer, so if you didn't received a reply after a few weeks I probably didn't received it so please resend your mail!